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Zoë Spicy Box Set
Zoë Spicy Box Set
Zoë Spicy Box Set

Zoë Spicy Box Set

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Zoë Spicy box set includes some of our best selling spicy products for you to enjoy. This box set is perfect for the person who loves Spice but with flavor as well. The products are so delicious and will bring a kick to all your meals. 

 Zoë Box Set Includes :

- Zoë Hot Honey ( Sweet & Spicy )

- Zoë Verde Hot Sauce ( Tangy & Slightly Spicy )

- Zoë Tropical Hot Sauce ( Sweet, Fruity & Medium Spicy )

-Zoë Naga Hot Sauce ( Tangy & Spicy )

- Zoë Chili olive oil ( Spicy & Tatsey ) 


Uses: Use to finish all foods in order to enhance the overall flavor profile and spiciness. 

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